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Women Suede Coat Colorful, Soft And Flexible

This year's winter is no longer a simple down jacket jacket to accompany you for the winter, and coat there are some cashmere coat jacket are more popular, and Women Suede Coat color, soft, flexible advantages are more popular The That small series and we share the clothes on the Women Suede Coat how to clean.

Women Suede Coat how to clean:

A Women Suede Coat is not water, easy to shrink shrink or wrinkle, in the cleaning time can be washed with detergent cleaning, generally in the 93 # gasoline or tetrachlorethylene, commonly used: 250ml-500ml.

When washing the Women Suede Coat should be first tiled neatly, with a short brush dipped in solvent down to the hair gently brushing, special parts such as cuffs and neckline or particularly dirty place need to repeatedly scrub, after washing with a towel to absorb dirt , And then the second time with a sponge impregnated solvent secondary cleaning, with a towel net, set the ventilation and dry place to dry.

Women Suede Coat how to clean: two

If the Women Suede Coat stained or stained with oil are more difficult to deal with, you should first use a dry cloth to gently scrub the surface of the dust or grease, and then use a special plastic brush in a direction along the hair on the hair straightening, because the velvet Of the hair only in the same direction when the whole skin will make uniform uniform color.

Women Suede Coat how to clean Tips: lazy people have lazy coup, if you think the above method is not very convenient, you can buy a professional velvet or scrub clean spray, ultra clean. Is a little expensive point. Or to professional leather care or professional shoe shop can also help you solve this problem Kazakhstan.

If you see a man wearing suede windbreaker and bell-bottoms in the street, then do not doubt that she must have a rich retro plot. The old withered suede comes with 80 years of retro beauty, coupled with the 1970s parents beloved belts pants, two separate single product, whether it is from the tone or style are perfect fit.

Windbreaker we wear too much used to see, suede is like a burst of warm, to the windbreaker sector blowing a new gentle. Compared to the usual windbreaker coat fabric, suede feel softer, but also more than a simple cotton coat warmer warm, winter sweater can also be around the bend shape.

Suede windbreaker in fact with the other style of windbreaker is no different from the wear with the point of view, suede coat with Burberry can refer to a class, but suede windbreaker has a benefit is due to the specificity of the material, suede drape feeling Good, warmth is also good, so coupled with a pair of pantyhose is ok.

Suede in the windbreaker on the most simple and most classic application, is such a simple, classic, neat windbreaker, this color a lot of personal preference for gray blue, red wine two colors, the former rich, the latter elegant, Ring fat Yan thin, really is difficult to choose it.