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Women Suede Coat Clean And Tidy Before You Can Store It

As a winter artifact mink coat, it can be said that most women have a kind of clothing. Mink coat although beautiful and warm, but often to the second year of winter, the mink coat has been less than the original purchase of the beautiful, and some even mildew happened. Is it bad quality? Because the winter clothes to buy too much, and are very cumbersome, a lot of people to the end of the winter are sealed together. This method of storage right? Mink coat how to store the summer? Hurry to learn these correct storage method under it.

01 correct cleaning method

1. High-end expensive mink coat in the storage before the first to be drying, in the drying process can not make the fur in the sun directly exposed, it is best covered in a layer of cloth above to ensure that the fur luster, or easy to make the skin plate Hard aging, loss of elasticity.

2. After drying, the mink coat may also remain some dust, because the dust with a lot of mold, long-term attachment to the fur clothing, easy to cause fur protein denaturation, so the first dust to the surface of the dust. Make sure the mink coat is clean and clean before it can be stored.

2 the correct storage method

1. mink coat can be directly hung in the closet, but do not squeeze, to set aside enough space, so as not to crush the hair surface and deformation.

2. Do not give fur garments on plastic bags or plastic bags, they will hinder the air circulation, so that leather leather plate dry.

3. It is best to put in the clothes inside the paper wrapped in a good health ball, stacked in a dry wardrobe, the above can not have heavy pressure.

3 Precautions

1. If the storage time is longer or before the rainy season, it is best to take out the mink coat drying, ventilation, scattered moisture, to prevent mold and insects.

2. Because the skin of the leather plate and the composition of the hair is special, so the preservation should be distinguished from other clothing.

3. In the winter before wearing, in accordance with the above cleaning method and then re-drying mink coat and dust treatment.

4. If the mink coat stains or dust more, you should go to a professional cleaning shop for cleaning, remember not to use their own water, otherwise it will cause damage to the clothes of the fur, but also cause clothing deformation.

Many people do not pay attention to the storage of clothes, but the mink coat is different from other clothing, the wrong way to store will cause damage to the clothes. Mink coat is generally expensive, but also more durable, so to take the correct storage methods and maintenance methods.