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Women's Shirt Retains The Feminine Beauty, But Also A Wise And Independent Temperament

Women's Shirt always standing in front of the fashion trend, elegant women's wardrobe will always have a Women's Shirt, even if no chance to wear, but placed in the closet feast for the eyes, to meet every woman's dream of mature and elegant women. Fashion fashion standard is always changing, but the annual classic wild Women's Shirt will never be outdated!

Women's Shirt is always a symbol of intellectual, Women's Shirt is exclusive of the innocent and romantic, both the superposition of both the retention of women's soft, but also a wise and independent temperament.

Bowling sleeves Women's Shirt

Very wide cotton fabric petals coat, after the ribbon with the design, and instantly enhance the quality of clothes. Breathable anti-wrinkle Women's Shirt fabric, fresh color injection, free match, are highlighting the vitality of the atmosphere, so you the United States over the summer!

Loose silk Women's Shirt

Romantic organ pleated cuff design! Immediately captured your girl heart, heavy silk silk crepe fabric, white, single layer has been impermeable, we can see the thickness of silk is amazing enough, black hook edge design, so that white is no longer appear monotonous, black and white with, especially the temperament , Timeless.

Cotton and linen Women's Shirt sleeves sleeves

Summer cotton and linen Women's Shirt, loose sleeves loose version, loose degree, 80-200 pounds can wear loose, very atmospheric style, you can also wear when the sun jacket, sleeves are sleeves sleeves sleeves, waist elastic But the whole is still loose version, it was thin, hem on both sides of the split design, the effect of the front after the long paragraph, very chic, literature and art, can cover the waist and hip defects.

V collar chiffon Women's Shirt fluttering sleeve Women's Shirt

Stylish temperament of the small lapel collar design, in the level is not monotonous, simple design generous. U-shaped after the buckle, to add a difference in the clothes, hollow design, micro-exposed skin, with feminine hazy beauty.

Hit the color stitching v collar Women's Shirt

Blue and white hit color design gives a clean and refreshing impression, people feel happy and comfortable, put it down. Large V-neck, showing a beautiful clavicle lines, will show a small sexy, sleeves silver eye with lace design, rich fashion, loose version of the type of inclusiveness of the body is very good, upper body covered with thin meat, thin fabric Breathable, work or travel is a good choice Oh

Printed bevel design Women's Shirt

99% cotton. Like this color, the fabric is very easy to breathe bamboo. Is a short arched Women's Shirt with a strong sense of design. With the new high-grade color pants beige. This set of vision clean air.

1, fixed lotus leaf side. The first lotus leaf in the front of the sleeves, sewing points to be less than the actual stitch of the sleeves for the 0.6cm

2, co-care of the head. Will be on the lace of the sleeves on the mouth of the mouth of the buckle light, and then with the front of the collar relative to the line, the line should be close to the lace line in the mouth.

3, turn hot sleeves. Will be dull straight front, lotus leaf finishing, the sleeves ironing rough.