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Women's Embroidered Pullovers So That Clothes Look More Stylish And Beautiful

Women's Embroidered Pullovers, seemingly hand embroidery simple, easy to learn, but in order to understand the embroidery industry in all areas, not three days can do. We need to continue to learn the line and fabric properties, so as to know how to operate the embroidery machine, embroidered the best works. Today we are here to speak a few tips on using gold and silver. These principles apply to all brands of gold and silver lines. We hope that these can help you get the best gold and silver line effect, because the gold and silver lines and other embroidery lines, it is difficult to deal with. I hope everyone has to help.

If you have any problems with the use of gold and silver, please try the following steps:

1, make sure you are using high quality, new, sharp "alloy embroidery needle". Alloy embroidery needle has a larger pinhole, so that gold and silver lines can pass smoothly. Usually, this eye will be coated with a layer of Teflon, in order to obtain better results.

2, if you find the line too easy to fall off from the spool, and at the beginning of the coil and knot, try to use a network. These lines can really help you solve the coil problem, but only spend very little. Most of the gold and silver lines, especially the kind of high gloss, really "metal" shiny, there is such a coil problem. However, it is easy to solve, and the benefits of using this shiny gold and silver line are enormous. Another possible solution is to use a high-quality vertical cableframe (cable supply), while the horizontal placement of the wire tube on the machine is very easy to ring. If you have a good frame, try it.

3, the machine speed should be reduced. Keep your machine speed down to the lowest speed allowed and observe the effect. And then little by little to increase the speed, until the beginning to produce easy to break, then the machine speed down a little, this is the best speed point.

4, to ensure that the upper thread tension is low enough. Often, gold and silver threads require less embroidery thread than ordinary computer embroidery threads. Adjusting the tension of the line can also help prevent the spread of the line.

5, to ensure that your flower design for gold and silver lines. Many embroidery versions are not suitable for gold and silver lines. When using gold and silver, the embroidery version should avoid the following features:

Overlap a lot of layers of embroidery, there are three layers or even more layers of accumulation.

There are many very small stitches in the embroidery version

Embroidery version has a very close embroidery area

6, make sure you are using the appropriate embroidery lining. Gold and silver lines are usually working better with embroidered liners with viscose or cotton, while 100% polyester embroidery liners are usually too strong, and friction with pins and embroidery threads increases, and this increased friction can cause unnecessary Of the broken line. At any time, you should use an adhesive or cotton embroidery lining. While the soft cut lining and gold and silver line can work best with.

7, make sure you use the right fabric. Too thick or too dense fabric will produce unnecessary friction, and then cause disconnection. When using gold and silver lines, always try to use soft and natural fabrics.