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Woman Vest Rich Skinny

Woman Vest with skills

Vest and body size

On the full-bodied dark V-neck vest or loose pattern vest will suit you, because you can properly shrink your body, but also transfer the sight of others.

On the flat flat chest of the girls generally thin shoulder, rich "skinny beauty", this year's most popular cut shoulder vest is very suitable for you. The position of the harness is close to the neck, the collar is very high, and there are small folds, highlighting the curve of the shoulder,Woman Vest so that the chest has a certain sense of fullness, if the skin tan black, put it more healthy and dynamic.

Waist thick waist too thick really trouble. You may wish to try the hem large A-shaped vest or high waist plus a word shoulder line design, can be slightly line of sight transfer.

Shoulder-wide Although the shoulder width is a good shelf for clothes, can be inverted triangle tough lines inevitably lack of feminine. If you choose high collar,Woman Vest wide shoulder strap, you can slightly cover the arm and shoulder connection vest, you can change the visual effect.

Shoulder-shaped slim, slender women, wearing a thin vest can be visually giving a widening of the illusion of the shoulder, but also can be more dynamic.

Vest and personality style

Natural style preferred knitted vest, it gives a healthy impression, coupled with loose trousers look fresh and comfortable.

Romantic style can be made with great Hawaiian style scarves or vests. Choose a bright pattern of large square, folded into a triangle,Woman Vest the two upper corner of the pull to the neck after playing a small summary, left and right angle in the back knotted, Serve a unique neck strap vest. Cute style choose a small floral or small dots pattern collar, shoulder pleated or decorated with a small vest side of the leaf, will make you more sweet and lovely.