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Woman Scarf Wearing A Fashionable Temperament

Winter weather is getting cold, go out are wrapped tightly. Although wearing more, but as a woman must wear beautiful, Woman Scarf to wear a fashionable temperament. The most popular this winter

Three colors, wild and stylish, you must prepare a!

Everything dying, snowy winter, looking around is a gray color, this time the season, people wearing the tone began to tend to a single black, blue, gray, coffee color, so our scarf in this season will be The maximum play a play and warm the dual role.

Woman Scarf how wild and fashion, presumably do not need small stressed more! As long as you use the good, spring and summer autumn and winter can be for the shape of the extra points, not only in the neck, waist, hair can be used as a decorative line ~ below to give you a variety of ways to give you how to fully Use scarf!

How can not fall and winter Woman Scarf embellishment, all kinds of wear law, is completely no end, so today Xiaobian selected the following several wear law, there are detailed steps illustrated, you can learn 1 minute, learn later, Changing fashion is not the simplest thing?

Woman Scarf mainly in the neck, so we look at the neck, Woman Scarf and what patterns can play it.

The first Chic bunny

Like the appearance of rabbit ears, it seems not very Meng ~ it is only six steps to get the perfect Oh ~

Step detailed

1 scarf folded into a more fine appearance

2 natural wear Woman Scarf

3 fold the right side of the scarf to the left

4 the right side of the scarf from the scarf ring inserted, pull back to the right

5 two Woman Scarf to make a knot

6 Adjust the scarlet's knot to the most suitable position

Material selection

Will be wool, cashmere, woolen, knitted, thickened polyester fiber-based.

Color selection

This time the choice of scarf color will be more broad, because the black or close to the black variety of blue, green, coffee, gray, are basically neutral color, so you can match any color scarf.

Such as with black, dark blue line will show a kind of introverted and mysterious