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Woman Scarf Beautiful And Warm

Winter cold air, let the Woman Scarf become our common choice to resist the cold. Coat again warm, also can't block this northwest wind to neck drill. With a Woman Scarf to consolidate this difficult warmth. However, the "humble" of the single product also has a small impact on the shape effect. A lightweight cashmere Woman Scarf with a coat can look more elegant, and a thick knit Woman Scarf can make you look petite and secure. As the winter collocation of the preferred single product, Woman Scarf the stylish degree really only to know! Xiao Bian also for you to prepare a wave of scarves with the demonstration, see if you can add inspiration for your match!

Woman Scarf is every fashion woman will wear a single product, but do not think that casually take a Woman Scarf to the neck on the finished, Woman Scarf collocation good, but can instantly improve your force lattice oh.

There are too many types of scarves, small make up feel, autumn and winter the most common Woman Scarf is probably divided into long Woman Scarf, square Woman Scarf and thick Woman Scarf three kinds.

The following small series to share some simple and without losing the Woman Scarf method, each I have tried, everyone please look down.

Many girls care about how the Woman Scarf can be beautiful and warm, at the same time not in the wind messy, want to meet these requirements, you only need to be able to tie long scarves.

Long Woman Scarf is the most common method is around a circle or folded into the other side of the ring in it ~ is not feel too new, crisp June below to introduce to you three kinds of practical and beautiful fried chicken method ~

The first method:

A. Fold the Woman Scarf in half and hang it around the neck;

B. Put the end of the Woman Scarf on the other side of the ring;

C. Twist the single ring into 8 characters and put the remaining end into the lower half of the 8 words;

D. Finally to adjust the Woman Scarf to their favorite length will be done!

The second method:

A. As in the upper left corner, the Woman Scarf is first hung round the neck;

B. Twist the middle large ring into 8 characters;

C. Through the lower half of one of the 8 words, the other side passes forward;

D. Adjust the Woman Scarf to the desired length, done!