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Woman Knit Scarf Avoid Weaknesses, Beautiful And Generous

In the winter, whether it is warm or dress, a beautiful Woman Knit Scarf can be said to be a great choice. And Woman Knit Woman Knit Scarf is one of the best. The main method is actually knitting that a needle method, for the friends do not look a bit difficult, more patience slowly try it.

Woman Knit Scarf is one of the most practical accessories in winter, each girl's wardrobe must have a, but the knit section of the Woman Knit Scarf somewhat tedious, want to change how to do it? Xiao Bian recommend you this year is very popular fur collar, fluffy comfort and extravagance of the fashion sense will be able to bring you surprises!

Everyone in the use of scarves, should be based on personal temperament, color, fat and thin, body, shoulder width, clothing and other aspects to choose, so as to achieve weaknesses, beautiful and generous effect.

A look at the clothing Woman Knit Scarf should be based on the overall clothing to be set. In fashion style, wearing more serious clothing, should be with the traditional pattern of scarves; wear fashion clothing, the use of modern patterns of scarves. But the temperament of quiet people, should choose elegant pattern Woman Knit Scarf; character lively, large pattern Woman Knit Scarf is more appropriate.

Second look skin color white, accompanied by light blue, light wheat red, apple green, lemon yellow, carefully selected color strong Woman Knit Scarf. If the color is not white, should use the Brazilian yellow, deep beige, deep iron gray, with caution with light tone. Skinny yellow women, should avoid the purple and yellow, choose milk white, lake blue, green Woman Knit Scarf, so that his face in the background of the Woman Knit Scarf looked pale.

Three look at the body if the body is moderate, the neck slender, complex color, you should wear colorful scarves, such as pink, lake blue, bright yellow, rose red, etc .; in the pattern, you can choose large flowers, A combination of lattice, scatter, or abstract patches. This Woman Knit Scarf surrounded, people look more vibrant, wise and capable. For the slim young women, choose the tension of the orange, lemon yellow, green fruit, in the crowd play a striking role. If the body is slightly full, the neck is not long, wearing a collarless sweater, with a soft tone, a small floral Woman Knit Scarf will be very appropriate; wear high-necked sweater, do not deserve small square, but with A long Woman Knit Scarf hanging down to the chest. Do not choose the color is too bright, but the purity of low purple, deep gem blue, dark green, brown and so on. For the slender body of the chest, should choose some texture slightly loose feeling of the rich pattern and large flower Woman Knit Scarf, symmetrical hanging chest is better, so that the chest can be full, reflecting the beauty of the line.