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Socks With Good Protection Feet

There are more than 7 billion people in the world, each person tall and thin and thin different shapes, shoes, only a mere number of yards, apparently enough to buy their own foot shape of the possibility of shoes and did not imagine high. Badminton shoes in order to play a protective role, often have a relatively fixed and hard shape, even if the use of high scalability of ultra-fiber materials, flexibility and fit are only unsatisfactory. The space inside the shoe is too small, naturally put on a shoe running up on the uncomfortable - so we tend to buy shoes to buy a little bit larger. But the shoes are too large space, then it is not a good thing, easy to slide in the shoes, the consequences of the emergency stop when the sharp turn and the shoes inside the impact, ranging from nail congestion, while the direct lift off the foot, regardless What kind of situation, are do not want to live.

This time, the socks came in handy.

socksoften wear, but are often overlooked. It can serve as a good buffer between the foot and shoes - to fill the extra space inside the shoe, so that shoes more fit the foot; at the same time in the foot incarnation cushion layer, reduce the burden on the knee; it will enhance the foot And shoes between the friction, so that shoes with the foot, but also play a protective role; sweat is its strength, so that your feet in the intense movement can also keep dry. All in all, a pair of excellent socks, make you badminton play more comfortable. Compared with ordinary socks, badminton has the following characteristics:

1, badminton socks material is mainly cotton, cotton socks advantage is soft, large friction, sweat. Soft to ensure a good protective effect on the toes; friction to ensure that the socks will not slip due to foot in the shoes inside the slide, and then damage the toes; sweat sweat can reduce the foot to extend the life of shoes.

2, badminton socks is thickened, badminton players in the field of movement is very much back and forth to do frequent start, brake, pedal and other movements, socks and shoes friction is very much, it must be thick socks At the end to ensure the life of the socks, and thicker socks for the foot also played a role in the shock and protection.

3, badminton socks are usually one molding, no prominent suture, ordinary cotton socks are a lot of socks in the front stitching, this suture both reduce the strength of the socks, but also often make the toes uncomfortable feel. The overall shape of the badminton socks ensures the shape of the socks and the fit of the foot type, while eliminating the socks may hurt the feet.

4, ankle is a very vulnerable part of the fight, when playing badminton when the rhythm is too fast, ankle is easy to hurt, badminton sports socks in the foot and ankle at the elastic cotton reinforcement, thick but very breathable, Very compact, comfortable to wear, is not an ordinary sports socks comparable, strongly recommended when wearing sports.

5, sports socks toes, heel parts are thicker, the heel of the force is the largest, and the toes is relatively weak place, special protection is necessary. In the instep on the use of three different weaving, first in the upper part of the ankle transverse weaving, easy to stretch stretch, and then in the arch up and down with a ring to strengthen the elastic band design, while the upper part of the toe is used mesh weave to enhance the permeability Followed by part of the latest Y word reduction, can enhance the heel elasticity, never sliding, while from the toes to the heel with a layer of towels at the end, sweat strong, but also absorb the vibration from the soles of the feet, the most suitable for sports and leisure!