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Socks Pure Cotton, Sweat-sucking, More Comfortable

There are many kinds of socks, according to the length of the socks, there are stockings, middle socks and short socks and boat socks (stealth socks); According to the types of socks, there are household socks, kou socks and oak socks, according to the use of objects, there are men's socks, female socks and child socks. Round socks are organized by 3 parts of the socks, socks and socks feet. The size of the sock is expressed in the size of the sock, and the sock number is standard for the actual length of the sole, so you know your feet will be able to choose the socks after the long. Because socks are used in different materials, it is also different in the SOCKS series.

There are many reasons to wear pantyhose. Transparent thin pantyhose that match skin color can enhance the perception of the legs and make the legs look smooth and bright. The dark pantyhose can shape the legs well and make the legs look slim. Brown pantyhose can give a good explanation for the tanned legs: a pair of "instant tanning" legs. Pantyhose also have practical value, it can keep warm in the cold weather, even can make the person can show the double leg line in the winter. The addition of spandex (or Lycra (lycra), spandex) pantyhose can be used to boost the blood circulation of the legs. Pantyhose are a standard outfit in today's world offices, where they are seen as a professional form of female clothing. Although teenage girls are popular with direct bare legs, socks are still needed for official occasions where formal attire is required. Some uniformed schools often ask to wear designated socks (some pantyhose or tights) as part of their school uniforms. In cooler weather, girls often wear pantyhose made of cotton, wool or cotton blended to keep warm.

The boat socks are very short socks, the short degree to the shoes can not see socks or only see the edge of the socks, material for cotton quality, cotton is not pure cotton material. The name of "boat socks" is because the shape of the socks is like a boat, because the length of the ankle, so called "ankle socks" or "boat socks", in Taiwan is mostly called "invisible socks", because the shoes are usually not seen when wearing socks.

A tapered sock, a sock that starts from the middle and gradually changes from one color to another. There are gradual socks, leggings socks. The gradual change of the socks evolved from the faded hair. Gradient refers to the color of an object, soft halo color, from the Ming to the dark, or from a deep light, or from one color to another color, full of changing mysterious romantic atmosphere. Gradually discolored hairdressing industry in recent years more popular color, is the use of hair cream to reconcile the special dyeing effect, from hair root to hair to make a turn color.

Socks selection: Socks collar, sock head knitting fineness-good socks knitting finer.

Stockings: feel-soft, delicate texture. Stockings: Chemical Fiber, spandex, nylon, elastic fiber and so on. (pantyhose; stockings; seven trousers--the effect of receiving the abdomen;

Nine trousers-do not take sole, do not often clean, suitable for spring and autumn wear; Cotton Socks:

Contains a small number of chemical fiber, about 30%. Antibacterial Health socks: to the physical role (not drug) to achieve long-lasting antibacterial, deodorant, tinea and so on. Foot Massage Socks: huoxue, health care. Fingers socks: Prevent beriberi. Cotton socks: pure cotton, sweat-sucking, more comfortable.