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Men's Shorts And Pants The Right Choice

All year round are popular jeans, how can you be missing it. Do not take the leisure line of the basin friends,Men's Shorts And Pants want more cool, then the jeans is definitely your right choice!

Different body of men and women with the skills of jeans

Legs of the male: choose a line of loose straight jeans or pants larger jeans, dark blue or black can, and to tie the belt, upper body dress to pay attention to some: but not to wear small pants or pants on the Double jeans in order to visually minimize the attention to the legs.

    Legs slim male: optional trousers slightly wider jeans, but to avoid the trousers rolled, and should not wear hard shoes. Otherwise, will be more exposed to the short legs of the defects.

    Legs short male: should choose straight type long to the ankle of the jeans, but the upper and lower trousers do not have horizontal lines like decoration, otherwise it will make the legs look shorter.

    0-shaped male or short male male men: you can choose the side of the decorative lines of straight-shaped pants, or from top to bottom pants gradually narrowed the jeans to cover the shortcomings of the legs.

Small men: optional straight type jeans, upper body with loose shirt, and then on the belt, can be light and elegant.

    Waist and buttocks are larger men and men: should choose straight jeans, and pay attention to the upper body of the decoration,Men's Shorts And Pants can be printed with a printed T-shirt or a long coat. If the lower abdomen protruding, buttocks are not large, optional upper loose, lower middle,Men's Shorts And Pants slightly darker jeans, upper body wearing a bright color coat, so that the visual center of gravity moved to the lower part, to reduce the feeling of abdominal bulge.

     Buttocks hypertrophy male men, should choose the dark, fit and smooth jeans,Men's Shorts And Pants pants before the best pocket, you can make the hips is not so plump. Do not buy the kind of big hip pockets, there are horizontal jeans, pants narrow and tight jeans are not appropriate, because these patterns will make the hips look bigger.

Buttocks flat men: optional hips have tuck or pocket and other patterns of jeans,Men's Shorts And Pants shirt bundles into the trousers to increase the hip weight, and tied the belt to rounded hips. These practices also apply to the buttocks thin.

     Waist-shaped male: not choose to have decorated jeans. Shirt to be placed outside the pants, do not beam into the pants, upper body can wear cowboy suits or vests to cover up the thick waist.

Buttocks thin men: can wear any form of jeans, but if you want to make the hips seem to type, the best choice behind the big pockets, there are horizontal lines of jeans.