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Men's Shirts Sven And Refined

Men's Shirts is the most lack of men's wardrobe, but a simple Men's Shirts is actually a lot of stress and knowledge, first of all we first said that the Men's Shirts collar shape, a total of the following ten:

Standard collar

Standard collar, also known as character, because the collar as the Chinese "eight" and the name of the word, but also the most common Men's Shirts collar, collar two sharp angle of the general angle of 7 to 8.5 cm, Tight, generally about 75 ° ~ 90 °, this collar type of Men's Shirts for all face, so it is the most common and the most insurance Men's Shirts collar.

2. small side collar

The small collar, also called the small character collar, is evolved from the standard lead, because the design is narrower, so compared to the standard collar of the triangle collar, small collar collar closer to the rectangle, hence the name The Small side collar for narrow tie, it is more fashionable, more suitable for thin young men, for example, when the Hedi period Dior Homme Men's Shirts are basically small collar.

3. Windsor collar

Windsor collar, also known as the British rear ramp collar; because the British Duke of Windsor named after wearing, collar angle angle open, between 120 ° ~ 180 °, romantic suave the Duke of Windsor called "the only one in the 20th century The real impact of the men's fashion great man, "he led the Windsor Men's Shirts to no more complex, and even for this section of the Men's Shirts invented the famous tie play" Windsor knot ", and quickly swept the world, a Men's Shirts in the history of a story. It is suitable for a relatively large tie.

Long collar

Long collar is relatively retro a collar shape, and now has rarely met, but the classic collar Men's Shirts collar in the suit outside the wearing of the law we certainly remember, you can refer to the Hong Kong film a lot of modeling.

5. button collar

Tip on each have a button named, style more American casual, used for daily or not so formal occasions. The owner of the button collar Men's Shirts Burke brothers is watching the polo game, see the polo players through the collar horns to prevent the polo Men's Shirts Men's Shirts collar flew to face and inspiration, so Comfortable and free button collar Men's Shirts was to come, do not recommend with suits, suitable for matching sweater, to create academic style, gentle and refined.

Pinhole collar

Pinhole collar, also known as the empire collar, in the two collar to open a hole, which is used to assemble the needle, according to legend, the last century, the rich children of Europe is very popular with this collar Men's Shirts, so get a very Tall name: empire collar Men's Shirts. This collar Men's Shirts in the assembly of metal needle, do have the imperial era that solemn, majestic and atmospheric beauty, collar Men's Shirts can wear only wearing a needle, you can also decorate the needle and then wear a tie, and tie knot Just can be put on the collar of the metal rod, so slightly uplift, making the overall shape more three-dimensional and layered, it can be said that the collar Men's Shirts is a very high daily life of a Men's Shirts, it is easy to lead People attention.