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Men's Shirts Good With The Skills, Warm Colors Can Also Choose

Men's Shirts How many people have some uniform complex, men shirt, the kind of tall lines and professionalism to bring the naked sexy is not the same style. Today's men's shirt shirt is widely used in a very classic, a variety of fashion elements to break the dull atmosphere, reflecting the male passionate side.

Key Considerations: Fabric & Color

Of course, the fabric is the main consideration, warm season comfort and breathability is preferred. Turn your attention to the lightweight shirt, with a natural, breathable fabric made of good texture can be very good for you in the summer to provide a good choice. Cotton, linen, linen blends are a good choice. Likewise,Men's Shirts choosing the right color can also help you keep your eyes cool. Cool colors should be our first choice, of course, if you have a good match with the skills, warm colors can also choose, but must be careful.

▼ linen shirt

Flax is a highly breathable fabric, but also quickly absorb moisture, become the preferred fabric of the summer season. However, linen shirts have a fatal weakness: easy folds. This makes a lot of people hesitant, or even give up linen fabric.

Linen easy to color, so a variety of colors of linen shirt can be found in the market. Light is a good choice, whether it is a garden party or business activities, can play a very good role, but remember to use before ironing, to avoid the embarrassment of the fold.

Flax with a suit or shorts have a good effect, but business can be casual.

▼ Short Sleeve Shirt

Short-sleeved shirt is also a good summer choice, plain, printed models can be used with a different style. Plain can be used for business occasions, and print the way you can let the free shuttle in the weekend party.

As mentioned before, cotton and linen cotton are good summer fabric choice, so in the selection of the best choice of comfortable breathable but stiff and stiff, wearing a carefully ironing between, take care of it, you're done.

Select the half-sleeved shirt must try to personally,Men's Shirts the shoulder is too large and too small is not good-looking, will appear very awkward and will not be comfortable.

▼ shirt collar shirt

Shirt shirt is a dazzling design this year, it has a surprising versatility, and fashion sense, with a lightweight jacket better.

This collar not only to avoid the non-collar to the informal, too casual feeling, but also broke the monotony of the traditional feeling, do both.

American brand J.Crew in this quarter brought a series of high-quality package style shirt, add the appropriate stripes design, the market response is very good.

▼ business shirt

If you only love business shirt, even in the summer must also wear suits suits, remember to choose a cool breathable thin business shirt, it will not be too hot in the hot weather.

Remember not to forget the importance of color, hot summer, choose a light-colored shirt to match with your suits, not only show the style, but also allow others to reduce the visual weight.

SuitSupply launched a new event this year,Men's Shirts if not an existing style can arouse your interest, you can design their own shirt, give customers a lot of room to imagine.