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Men's Shirts European And American Fashion Sense Of Fashion And Hundred

How to match men's shirts? Do not know collocation of men, may wish to see this issue of small series of men's Woman Scarf with, followed by a small weave to see Oh!

A look is a very ordinary and simple Woman Scarf, but look carefully but found that although it is a simple Woman Scarf, but the use of linen fabric, comfortable and pendant feeling, white vertical pattern let the whole shirt wear super temperament, very good spirit, lower body with a black self-cultivation trousers, plus a pair of black shoes, good-looking but not old-fashioned.

This Woman Scarf looks more formal on the upper body, pure Woman Scarf collar add exquisite English alphabet embroidery, to serious Woman Scarf added a hint of lively, lower body with a pair of black trousers, slim figure, and then put on a pair of black shoes, more fashionable sense.

is still a pure white Woman Scarf, wearing a body shape, slightly unlock a button, fashion also with a little sexy, lower body with a black trousers, give up the serious black shoes, in exchange for a pair of black casual shoes, but also more European and American fashion sense, and then wear a pair of black sunglasses, back a black bag, Fashion and hundred.

A very Han Fan Woman Scarf for men, simple basic shirt, chest add a simple English alphabet and bird pattern printing, seven-point slit sleeve fashion and hundred, more fashionable sense, lower body with a khaki-colored casual pants, the whole is a casual style.

A Woman Scarf with a very casual wind, the small fresh cotton hemp folds the effect Woman Scarf, randomly puts on the white compassionate, the full artistic youth breath, the lower body matches a casual colored trousers, pulls up the trousers to put on a pair of classic hundred canvas cloth shoes, the boy wears up the fashionable leisure and the hundred matches.

The above is about men's Woman Scarf with the introduction, see the men in a hurry to choose it!

First, shirt models to distinguish. When wearing a suit or dress in a formal occasion, you should choose to wear the inner-type shirt, the shirt worn in the jacket or tunic, the best wear type, both inside and outside the same type. When a shirt is worn only as a coat, it is more appropriate to wear the outer type or both inside and outside.

Second, the formal occasion should wear a Woman Scarf or light-colored shirt, with a dark suit and tie to show solemn.

Third, shirt sleeves should be more than a centimeter of the sleeve, which reflects the level of dress, but also to maintain the clean suit cuffs.

Four, when the shirt with tie wear (regardless of wear suit or not), must be the collar button and cuff button all buckle to show the men's rigidity and strength.

The size of the shirt collar, in order to plug into a finger loose volume appropriate. A slender neck, especially the neckline is too big, otherwise it will give people a sense of weakness.

Six, not tie wearing a suit, the shirt collar at the end of a button can not buckle, and the door lapel button must be all buckle, otherwise it will appear too casual and lack of self-cultivation

When wearing a suit, the hem of the shirt is not worn outside the trousers, this will give people a nondescript, not enough sense of taste, on the contrary, it will make people more energetic, full of self-confidence.

Eight, should be as far as possible to choose the hem style shirt, both for the hem tuck into the waistband, but also to wear comfortable, waist buttocks position clothes beautiful.

Nine, the outer wear type shirt bogey wears in any coat inside (especially suits), avoids giving a person with bloated, disharmony feeling.

Ten, regular short-sleeved shirt can wear tie appear in official occasion. This is not only adapt to the climate environment, but also a manly demeanor.

The newly bought shirts must be washed and then worn to remove any possible stains from the production process to ensure that they are clean and hygienic in their intimate attire.

12, men's shirts should be diligent washing, wear dirty collar shirt, will give people irresponsible.