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Historical Development Of Scarves

Our ancient ancestors of human beings, in the age of the Yellow Emperor Chiyou, those winning skins, is used as rewards to those who are worthy of it. That first scarf this product is just the physiological needs to warm, but a spiritual consolation and encouragement. Skin at that time, of course, should also have not been processed, or with the bloody, very rough.

Contemporary scarf is a scarf, shawl and baotou cold dust decorative textiles. Such as cotton, silk, wool and chemical fiber as raw material. Processing method of woven, knitted and hand-knit three. Shape into scarves and long scarf of fabric types. Square scarf cut diagonally, by sewing a triangle scarf. Plain, color, and printing and other varieties. To make soft, lines clear, solid and durable, woven square most of the plain, Twill or satin weave. Silk Pocket square, commonly used 20~22 weft Dan Mulberry silk or synthetic silk, white weaving, Greig after degumming, dyeing or printing process. Gauzy texture, soft and smooth, weight 10~70 g/m 2. Suitable for spring and autumn seasons square satin tough silk, crepe de chine scent, twill and other species. Long scarf ends with Spike, ear knit ear, mounted ear up and my ear. Plain weave, Qu Twill fabric, honeycomb and the organization. In woven and knitted scarves have napped scarf, is towel billet steel wire raising machine with fruit Mao Ji or napping, and surface down short key, very thick, improved fabric for warmth. Wool scarves can also be achieved using the felting process hair full, close the effect. Longitude are used 20/22 Dan silkworm silk scarves silk or 120 denier rayon, silk top pick up lines. Greig by dyeing, printing or painting flowers, embroidery, realistic floral patterns, Silk's soft, glossy and smooth, brightly colorful.

Social development to the present, rapid growth of population, increasing demand for scarves, scarf processing requires very fine, is it true that even if we wear animal skins, but also through many processing procedures, no longer feel the blood of the beast itself. And the development of human civilization, nor crack allows us to kill many of the beasts. They're not human conquest, and became a protected object. And now we're fashion people like to wear animal prints scarf, was no longer a real fur, has turned into silk, cashmere and other soft materials. And animal prints a form, is the only animal prints pattern. Scarf styles and outfits to give people the feeling that very fashionable. Leopard, Zebra, snake scarf.