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Design Of Knitted Garments

Knitwear clothing design is an important part of enterprise production, "design, you need expertise in materials, skilled in technology, is good at marketing, noted that the customer" is the basis for producing excellent products.

Design through industry chain on the middle and lower reaches, must be based on raw material resources, quality and production conditions, equipment, capacity and sales area of fashion colors, fashion trends, and climate, market requirements, determine the types of raw materials, fabric, choose a color scheme, sorting method, integral has the characteristics of the product design. Design, you need to blend with categories and production of raw materials and product trends, should also consider the balance between productivity, capacity of production costs, equipment and other factors.

Due to the fabric itself has a lot of features and limitations, so when the knit sweater design must take into account the following points:

, Selection of raw material yarns

First, select the types and combinations of yarn of raw material specifications, study the performance of raw materials. Consider the abundant source of raw materials, understanding yarn quality control color fastness of color, composition, twist, samples and so on, for what kind of products do not without resources and quality case, not based on objective criteria and design product samples that cause difficulties for mass production.

Second, combined with labor productivity

Design of Cardigan features a fabric structure changes frequently, in some cases, manual shift, crochet, and other ways to get more flowers (such as drop, cross-stitch or Jacquard, etc) and changes in the surface texture. Although this can increase the variety and beauty of the sweater, but greatly reduces the efficiency of the semi-automatic flat knitting machine, increased intensity, yield is very low. Therefore, the need and selection of raw materials, production planning, production costs into consideration.

Meanwhile, front and rear balance of the capacity of road equipment, capacity balance between finishing and sewing equipment, and fully utilize the potential and play to the characteristics of the equipment, and so on. These factors must be carefully considered in product design, otherwise it will bring adverse effects to normal production.