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Cashmere Sweaters To Clean And Dress

Cashmere sweater washing method:
1, the cashmere sweater from the inside out, neutral detergent in water at around 35 degrees 15-30 minutes, good soaked in cashmere sweater special detergent diluted.
2, or multicolor Jacquard cashmere sweaters should not be soaked, cashmere sweaters should not be washed together in different colors, to prevent staining. Dirty bad spots, squeezing rubbing wash and rest gently rub, rinse clean, according to the instructions in the special softener for 10-15 minutes, feel better.
3, place washed cashmere sweater in the bag in the washing machine dehydration dehydration in the tube should not be twisted, tile on the table to dry. Do not hang exposure, resulting in distortion.
4, after the dry, zhongwen (140 degrees Celsius) steam irons, ironing, irons with the cashmere sweater to leave 0.5-1cm distance, should not have to fall on. As with other iron must be mat wet towels.
5, cashmere sweater out in case of any serious dirt, should be sent to the laundry dry cleaning service centres and manufacturers.

Cashmere sweater dress:
1, because of the physical properties of cashmere fiber, wool ball, static electricity, wear and its ancillary coat lining better be smooth, not too rough, hard, inner bag not to hard objects, such as pens, books, purses, so cashmere sweater pilling local friction. 2, when wearing outside to minimize friction with hard objects, such as sleeves, sleeves with the desktop and the arm of the sofa, back with sofas and other exposed.
3, wears, not too much force and doing strenuous exercises to prevent line breaks.
4, cashmere sweater dress is comfortable and beautiful, but it should also be noted that in not too long time, usually about 10 days change, to restore elasticity to prevent fiber fatigue.