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Men's Shorts And Pants There Is Light, Good Ventilation

being wearing anti-wolf silk socks full street "Niangnao".

Relaxed degree

Most men do not like super tight pants, wearing shorts when the calf is exposed, this time will visually enlarge the thigh part. Thigh thick as thick as possible to the self-cultivation shorts in the plug,Men's Shorts And Pants do not say the mother does not mother's problem, too tight affect the local development.

Legs do not want to be seen by others, and must not choose too loose shorts, or will appear to be bad nutrition. In addition, close-fitting and straight-designed shorts are suitable for most males.

Loose design of shorts on the golf course is more common, it is a little shiny pants. This type of shorts often requires a belt.

How long is the pants?

Men wear shorts in mind is certainly not to sell thighs. So, according to their own ratio, trousers length in the knee 5-7 cm the most appropriate. If the length of the trouser legs than the knee,Men's Shorts And Pants it is not called "shorts", but pants, pants. Not cool do not say, and very short legs short.

Sports shorts, then, or honestly only in sports or buy food to wear it.

What kind of material comfortable and nice?

Cotton: cotton is a very important material of men - if the textile properly. Cotton has the advantages of lightness, good air permeability, easy cleaning and drying. But if the cotton is woven very closely, it will affect the body surface moisture and sweat evaporation.

Synthetic fibers: sports shorts are usually made of synthetic fibers, because it is more breathable and difficult to absorb water, while doing the loose weaving technology,Men's Shorts And Pants can make heat and moisture in the process of rapid evaporation of the movement.

Linen: Compared to shorts, linen trousers more common, but both are very light and comfortable to wear. Flax material is more likely to wrinkle than cotton, but this unique crease is part of the flax style.

Wool: Wool material is more used to make summer wear pants, because the wool fabric surface is more smooth,Men's Shorts And Pants if made shorts may be a little waste.

What kind of style will not fancy?

Tooling shorts in the pants before and after the side design has a lot of pockets, this pants are particularly suitable for travel or hiking wear. In addition, tooling shorts are nothing in your closet. Keep in mind: loose, multi-bag shorts are not fashionable, they are only suitable for appearing in the rural fields, do not wear them to go to social activities.

But the bright colors, such as brown, khaki, white, possession of blue,Men's Shorts And Pants olive green and pure white is the most classic, the most traditional style. Plaid shorts, especially white, although very college wind, but you have to take at least pieces Polo shirt, or you will be very like a dead house.

The shorts at the end of the flower make people feel like a Hawaiian flower blouse hooded in your next plate. This shorts may only be suitable for vacation wear.

What should I wear shorts?

Sandals with socks Day children have been hot enough, why do you have sets of socks to cover their feet? Sandals are the best partner for shorts.

Shorts with low shoes - this time you can wear and ankle socks or boat socks, stockings with shorts is simply a living classic negative teaching materials.