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Girls'casual Denim Pants Elongate The Effect Of Leg Lines

Cloth with a little elastic low-waist Girls'casual Denim Pants help to tighten the buttocks and legs fat, with the effect of reducing the buttocks, and can reveal more of the upper body to flat red slightly heavy under the Wai.

In addition, if the pants after the back pocket design is smaller, the location is higher, but also the former low after the high head, but also help to modify the hip type. If the buttocks are flat, it is recommended to pick the buttons after the button Girls'casual Denim Pants, increase the buttocks three-dimensional.

A. With skills:

1, can be modified in the waist of the long coat.

2, soft cloth loose jacket.

B. Was thin self-cultivation of small horn Girls'casual Denim Pants feel the legs are not slender, trousers gradually wide horn Girls'casual Denim Pants, relax the hem design, there is the effect of elongated leg lines. So that the proportion of the whole body feel more uniform, more slender.

With skills:

1, shoes to wedge shoes, thick high heels mainly. If the body is relatively high, then you can choose flat shoes canvas Oh.

2, shirt to pay attention to the personality of the narrow long version of the most appropriate jacket.

C. To create the effect of straight legs Girls'casual Denim Pants straight Girls'casual Denim Pants from the knee to the ankle of the pants wide similarity, was I-shaped design is conducive to elongation and modification of body type, and thighs too thick crush, you can choose to increase the inside of the thigh, As well as the thighs outside the car line forward Girls'casual Denim Pants.

Color, the middle of the middle of the brush white, both sides of the deep wash color design can make the leg curve has a more slim visual effects.

With the skills: to fit the shirt with the waist with the match, the distribution of sweet feminine!