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Problems when cleaning bamboo fiber socks

When it comes to bamboo fiber socks, I guess you will naturally think of is how to choose suitable bamboo fiber socks, because in your opinion the right choice is to give your feet a comfortable feel, and is, the right choice is always an important factor affecting comfort levels.

Choose well, we can rest assured that the comfort of wearing, but the socks after the cross, you need timely cleaning, so here we will talk about is cleaning of bamboo fiber socks needs to pay attention to what issues.

Clothes washing, we know that many of the clothes are not enough high temperature water, which means that when cleaning bamboo fiber socks, we'd better be able to choose room-temperature water to clean, otherwise you will cause unnecessary damage to the socks.

Secondly when cleaning, we need some cleaning agents, of course, the effect of cleaning agents can be very good, but the best is when choosing a cleaning agent, needs to consider whether its bamboo fiber socks will be affected.

Cleaning is a must to go through a process, when we finish is easily cleaned after our socks, we can wear clean socks, and this will be good for us.