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Knitters knit yarn characteristics and requirements

1, knitting Mills knitting line have a certain strength and extensibility
Yarn Knitting yarn strength is an important quality indicator. Because of the yarn is in the process of preparing and weaving through a certain tension and repeated loading, so Knitting yarn must have a certain strength. In addition, woven from yarn preparation processes, is also subject to bending and twisting deformations, also called Knitting yarn has a certain extension, so that the bent into a circle in the knitting process and reduced yarn breakage.

2 knitting yarns, knitting plant has good flexibility votre.CN
Soft Knitting yarn weaving yarn requirements. Because the soft ease of bending and twisting of yarns and knitted fabrics in the coil structure, uniform, distinct and beautiful appearance, while also reducing weaving the yarn breakage and damage to the knitting.

3, knitters knit yarn with a certain twist
In General, the twist of the yarn for knitting lower than woven yarn. If the twist is too large, poor yarn softness, weaving is not easy to be bending, torsion, also easy to kink, resulting in defects, needle damage; in addition, spend big yarn twist will affect the fabric's elasticity and coil to turn aside. But the twist of the yarn for knitting nor too low, otherwise it will affect the strength, increasing the decapitation of weaving and yarn bulk, so prone to pilling of fabrics, reduce the knitted fabric properties. Therefore, the selection of twist correctly is an important way of reasonable selection of yarn. Knitted fabric uses different twist requirements also differ.

Jersey requires smooth, tight, smooth surface, clear lines, greater twist of the yarn, weaving warp standard accessible with line density. Coat with a twist should take bigger, to enhance the crisp, improving the fuzzing and pilling. Cotton cloth, elastic fabric, requires a soft, elastic, twist of the yarn should be slightly lower, generally uses the same lower deviation of the line density woven weft yarn twist. Cashmere Knitting yarn, in order to facilitate napping, and the pile thickness, twist's request for a small.